The magazine is a popular science magazine about the region of Wallachia. It publishes studies in social (history, art history, ethnography, ...) and natural sciences, research by the museum staff and presents museum collections and activities.

Wallachia Historical Review (Valašsko, vlastivědná revue) has been published for over 20 years now (since 1998, twice per year). It succeeded the Vsetín Regional History Museum Reporter (Zpravodaj Okresního vlastivědného muzea Vsetín) in preserving traditions and reflecting the present, just like the legendary Our Wallachia magazine (Naše Valašsko) did in the 1930s and Wallachia (Valašsko) in the 1950s and thereafter.

The magazine comes in the usual A4 format and has between 40 and 60 pages. It shows life in Wallachia in the past and at present through extensive pictorial series and appendices. The content is divided into a variety of sections such as Visit about  interesting places in the area or In the Studio, which takes the reader to different regional artists. Another popular section, called What Wallachia means to me? includes interviews with famous people about their homeland and Folklore Moments, on the other hand,  folklore brings news from the world of Wallachian folklore. Since issue 31, the magazine has been structured by category (folklore - art - events) and typography and graphic design have been brought up to date. 

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