The museum of the Wallachian region, a contributory organisation (hereinafter the organisation), performs the activities and functions of a museum within the meaning of Act No 122/2000 Coll., on the protection of collections of a museum nature and on the amendment of certain other laws.

It is established for the acquisition, collection, permanent preservation, registration and professional processing of collections of museum nature (natural and human creations), to allow their public use, to carry out basic or applied research and to explore the environment from which the collections are obtained and to provide educational and educational services for both learning and scientific purposes.

The separate department of Hvězdárna Vsetín is a specialized professional, educational, information and consulting facility of regional character whose mission is to familiarize the public and especially young people with scientific knowledge from astronomy, cosmonaut, meteorology and other science disciplines, with modern technology and technology. It is established to acquire and transfer new knowledge, professional research and popularisation activities and provides educational and educational services for both learning and scientific purposes. It is involved in complementary and out-of-school education for young people and adults in lifelong learning programmes. It provides information and advisory services in its field of competence.

The organisation collects natural gas collections as well as collections from all fields of human activity including physical evidence of industrial development, science and technology of Czech and foreign provenance, with a particular focus on the documentation of the Valašsko region. It creates collections based on scientific knowledge and its own concept of collecting activities in the fields of natural, technical and social sciences. Where necessary, it creates dedicated collections dedicated to science and technology, sustainable development.

It conducts basic or applied research and other professional activities in the fields of natural, technical and social sciences. They disseminate their results through teaching (educational, awareness-raising and teaching events and programmes), publishing or technology transfer; all profits are reinvested in these activities or the dissemination of their results. It allows equal access without distinction to the exploitation and disclosure of the results of its activities and of its services, the purpose of which is not to make a profit. No entities have any privileged access to an organisation's research capacities or research results produced by the organisation.

It popularizes, promotes, and mediates science and technology. It provides expert methodological advice and assistance to public and private institutions and individuals (consultation, advice, expertise, participation in meetings, etc.). In the field of natural sciences, surveys and research of protected and endangered parts of nature are carried out on request by state nature conservation authorities, governments and administrations, research institutes, universities and other bodies, against costs.


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