The library of the  Wallachian Regional Museum is a museum library with two workplaces: Vsetín Castle, Horní náměstí 2, Vsetín and the Kinský Castle in Valašské Meziříčí, Zámecká 3, Valašské Meziříčí.

The library is a publicly accessible basic library with a dedicated fund. Used to run public library and information services under Act No 257/2001 Coll.

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Vsetín Museum Library

History: The Vsetín Museum Library was not created until the museum was taken into administration by the District National Committee on January 1, 1953. Since its founding, it has focused on publications from the field of social sciences, mainly history, ethnography, archaeology, nature, history and art history of the Wallachian region, and documents needed for the professional work of museum staff and the professional public. In 1968, a collection of regional prints began to be produced at the library. It therefore includes racing journals, statistical surveys, jubilee publications, regional fiction, etc. As of 1 January 2011, this collection, stored in the library separately, has 1670 volumes. With regular purchases, transfers and gifts from the estates of prominent regional workers, the library has grown. In total, the library has 14,335 library units.

Borrowing time: by prior arrangement.

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Museum library Valašské Meziříčí

History: The civic reserve in Valašský Meziříčí established a public library for the citizens of the city in 1872. After the foundation of the Museum Society and the creation of the museum in 1884, the Civic Trust donated this library to the newly created museum. Already at that time, the library numbered 2,000 volumes. In the first year of the museum's library, Mr. Konrád Hrastílek, a professor of grammar school in Valašský Meziříčí, was its custodian. The manager of the bal library for one year, and at this time the library was used daily by the citizens of the city. Eventually, until 1897, there was a certain stagnation in the activities of both the Muslim Society and the library. In the subsequent period, the library was relocated several times and the library fund was expanded largely by exchanges and donations by citizens. After 1948, the library, along with the museum's collections, was moved from the space above the savings bank in the square in Valašský Meziříčí to the Chateau Kinské, where it is still located. The library currently contains 14000 library units. The Book Fund includes mainly scientific literature from social and natural sciences of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as some scholarly journals and regional literature.

Borrowing time: by prior arrangement.

Contact: Hana Marková, tel. 571 411 690 e-mail:

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