After the successful Retrogaming exhibition, the Museum of the Valassko Region at Vsetín Castle is preparing another attractive retro exhibition for you, which will take you this time into the world of legendary toys from the Fatra Napajedla company. It will be available to see from May 7th to August 25th and will offer visitors the best of the company's production from the mid-20th century to the present. There will also be an interactive play area for children.


Toy production at Fatra began shortly after its founding in the mid-1930s. During World War II, in addition to protective gas masks, rubber figures of soldiers were also produced. The golden era of toys dates back to the 1960s to the 1980s when production lines churned out still popular inflatable animal seats. Alongside contemporary iconic games and toys from other manufacturers, such as the Merkur building sets or igráčci, they found a place in almost every Czechoslovak household. Renowned designer Libuše Niklová, an icon of Czech design, was the author of many of Fatra's design products. Her designs are not only playful and imaginative but also technologically innovative from today's perspective. After a long hiatus, Fatra resumed the production of inflatable toys in 2010. Shortly after that, they also returned to collaboration with top designers, including Jan Čapek, Anna and Jerry Kozovi, Zuzana Lednická, and Veronika Vaňhová.


The Phenomenon Fatra exhibition presents inflatable, rubber, and plastic toys produced in Napajedla from the second half of the 20th century to the present. Among them are also unique items, of which only a few copies have been preserved in public or private collections. The most interesting among them are the oldest rubber toys and exhibits from the exclusive Jules Verne collection, intended for Expo '67 in Montreal. The exhibition also includes informative panels with photographs and interesting video presentations. The traveling exhibition from Inspirace Zlín z. s. is a success among visitors of all generations. Older visitors reminisce about their childhood. For the youngest, the main attraction is especially the play area with Czechoslovak retro toys.


As part of the preparation and realization of this exhibition, the Vsetín Museum announces a contest for the three best historical photographs depicting a toy manufactured in Fatra Napajedla (for example, a picture of a child with a Christmas gift). From April 1st to August 20th, send us scans of old family photos to the email address:, whose reproductions we will exhibit directly in the exhibition. After its conclusion, we will announce the three winners on the museum's website, whom we will reward with a free museum ticket.