The birthday exhibition "All the Best!", which is prepared in the exhibition space on the 2nd floor of Kinský Castle, commemorates key moments from the life of our museum, which, according to the globally accepted definition, has been "professionally processing, collecting, conserving, interpreting, and exhibiting tangible and intangible heritage". You can view it either independently or accompanied by the curator and museum historian Ivana Ostřanská as part of the Open Day on May 18, 2024.

This year, Museum in Valašské Meziříčí commemorates 140 years since the moment when the articles of association were approved, and the inaugural general meeting of the Museum Society was convened, which aimed to "search for all kinds of landmarks in the Moravian land, specifically for antiquities and other historical monuments of all kinds in Moravian Wallachia, to collect and preserve them in a special museum." Over the years, our museum has experienced moments of glory, such as during the preparation of the Ethnographic Exhibition of the Czechoslavonic People, but also years of stagnation. However, every year brought more and more items to its collections, whose fate, until the late 1940s, also involved frequent relocation from place to place, until 1948, when the collections were, perhaps permanently, housed in the Kinský Castle in Krásno. Here, besides exhibition spaces, new repositories were also built for them. Up to the present day, the museum has managed to gather hundreds of thousands of documents about the life of people and nature in our region, mainly thanks to you, our supporters, friends, and donors. Therefore, in this jubilee year of our activities, we are preparing a series of interesting events, open days, lectures, and exhibitions for you.