At the Museum of the Moravian Wallachia Region in Vsetín Castle, from Tuesday, February 27th, you will be able to see artworks by students from our region dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the death of a significant native of Francova Lhota, Cardinal Štěpán Trochta.


The exhibition "The Way of the cross of Cardinal Štěpán Trochta" is a joint project of the Valašsko Foundation, the Roman Catholic parish office, and the Museum of Cardinal Štěpán Trochta in Francova Lhota. It consists of a cycle of Stations of the Cross depicted in drawings, paintings, graphics, or ceramics by students from the Elementary Art Schools F. X. Richter in Holešov, Valašské Klobouky, Zlín, Malenovice, and Napajedla, supplemented by artworks from students of the Integrated Elementary School in Vsetín. The exhibition was first presented in the autumn of 2022 at the Cultural House in Francova Lhota. Now visitors to Vsetín Castle will also have the opportunity to view it. The project also includes the publication "Stations of the Cross of Cardinal Štěpán Trochta seen through the eyes of young artists in the 20th century."


Olga Méhešová: "Cardinal Štěpán Trochta is an inspirational spiritual figure from the region, living by the motto: 'Work – Sacrifice – Love.' He was involved in the anti-Nazi resistance, tortured in a concentration camp, imprisoned, and persecuted under the communist regime... His powerful life story still speaks volumes, as evidenced by the artworks of students from the Elementary Art Schools in the Zlín Region and the Integrated Elementary School in Vsetín."