The playful interactive exhibition on the coexistence of horses and humans is one of the attractive exhibitions of the Ostrava Center for Family and Social Care of the Czech Republic. The exhibition is dedicated to the wonderful connection of people and horses from the ancient past to the present. In an entertaining way, it introduces the various "best" horse lives with their admirable skills and qualities. The exhibition also includes a documentary film.

At the exhibition, visitors, especially children, will learn to ride horses, learn about the types of horseshoes, riding obstacles or horse breeds. Furthermore, they can compose a model of the legendary Trojan horse and try out "racing", horseshoe throw, lasso, etc.

With its exhibition, the Museum of the Moravian Wallachian Region expanded to include the motif of a horse in regional fine art, the history of the use of horses in Wallachia and the phenomenon of formanism presented by historical objects from the ethnographic museum's collection.