If, while looking at a pram, you control the joy and a nostalgia for the old days, we will be happy, if you accept our invitation for a trip into the history of this, for most of us first, means of transport. At the Lešná u Valašského Meziříčí chateau, we exhibit a lot of unique collection items for you from the years 1880–1980, in which you can see how the pram fashion changed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Together we take a ride through the history of the classic pram, as well as its reduced variants for dolls, ie a puppet pram. In the past centuries, a pram has been a natural part of children's equipment. The children were transported in it every way - on their hands, in various moorings, wooden carts or wheelbarrows. Or it just leaves it at home and perhaps only rural children enjoy a stay in the fresh air.

The Šorm's family from Roztoky near Prague, who had enjoyed their passion for collecting together for many decades, have dedicated their entire lives to prams. Over the years, they have managed to gather a truly respectable collection of various children's and puppet carts from the years 1890-1980. Mrs. Šormová after death of her husband, the desire behind her joint work was extinguished, and in 2016 she sold the collection to our museum.