Both main exhibition spaces of the Vsetín Castle are now occupied by a new multidisciplinary exhibition called How the Forest is Called? It is open from Sunday, September 25 until the end of February next year. Accompanying programs for schools or public are also be prepared.

The exhibition presents the forest from the point of view of various fields of human knowledge – history, ethnography, biology, which strives to create a comprehensive view of the entire ecosystem and its use, i.e. its influence by man in the past. It is focused primarily on the region of Moravian Wallachia. Theme is intertwined in some biological-ecological topics, such as the natural composition of forests versus commercial forests, their species composition, endangered pests, importance for climate or hydrological conditions. The historical perspective brings closer to the forest management in the region, the overall development of the change in the perception of the forest by man over the centuries, and the now extinct forest industry such as tar making, charcoal making and potting. The ethnographic part of the exhibition shows the forest as a key source of material for the inhabitants of the region and their own use of wood, and also deals with the reflection of the forest in folk culture. The content of the individual parts comes from a professional point of view from the own research of the staff of the Museum of the Moravian Wallachia region and is based on the presentation of rich museum collections related to the topic.

The exhibition is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.