We have developed workshops for teachers (and other educators) at all levels of educational institutions. All of our workshops have been awarded the DVPP accreditation (Další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků/Life-Long Learning for Teachers and Educators). In all our programmes we use the resources available in our museums, including the collections and all our buildings.

Location: Vsetín Observatory


Content: The Vsetín Observatory invites teachers (and their students) to explore the equipment we use, such as the weather station and the lightning counter and to observe the sky with a Zeiss telescope (a refractor with focal length 3,000 mm, 200 mm diameter lens, standard set of eyepieces, magnification of 80 ×, 120 ×, 300 × and 500 ×, allows photography). You can view both the Sun and the evening sky depending on the weather at the time of the event.

Our staff will share with you examples of good practices of how to include topics in physics and geography into your classroom teaching (brainstorming, heuristic method, mind map, field observation and research activities for students) and you will share your practices; we also offer workshops on astronomy and meteorology for your students and can show you how we do it.